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What's Happening at Hairpin Arts Center

March 26 7pm
Sudden Impact 2020 Series March


AIRMW presents: the Sudden Impact 2020 Series March
The Return of the Great George Freeman and Mke Allemana, with Coco Elysses, Rami Atassi, and Tatsu Aoki

Together with the Hairpin Arts Center, Asian Improv aRts Midwest's Tatsu Aoki continues the Sudden Impact series in 2020 to facilitate new catalystic events, providing a substratum for Chicago’s musical artists to collaborate, and experiments, and bring forth new musical happenings.

Join us for the return of George Freeman in the Sudden Impact Series!

Thank You Piano Forte Chicago

Piano Forte Chicago


We would like to acknowledge and thank Piano Forte Chicago for their generous donation of a digital baby grand piano