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Sudden Impact May 2021

Dheeru Pennepalli, May 20, 7pm at Hairpin

“AIRMW presents the Sudden Impact Series 2021 Streaming from the Hairpin Arts Center, Tatsu Aoki brings together a this series to facilitate catalyst events, providing a substratum for Chicago’s musical artists to explore and musically experiment.

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AIRMW and Hairpin Arts Center welcomes Dheeru Pennepalli for the May edition of Sudden Impact 2021.

Dheeru Pennepalli is a Chicago-based guitarist, composer, and improviser known mostly for his work with the long-running experimental ensemble a Light Sleeper. Pennepalli approaches his instrument with the aim of finding new ways to express emotion through melodic and rhythmic interplay, with an ear for unusual phrasings and non-traditional structures. During the pandemic months, Pennepalli spent much of his time exploring techniques for using overdriven and distorted feedback loops to create expansive ambient soundscapes, on top of which he layers pointed and delicately fingerpicked melodic improvisations.

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