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Board of Directors

President, Melody Foley

Vice President, Keegan Nowlin

Secretary, Paul Abrahamson

Daniel Pogozelski

Lily B


Paul Abrahamson

The founding President of the Logan Square Chamber of Arts/Hairpin Art Center board, Paul…

Paul’s entire adult life has been focused and nurtured by dance, mostly ballet. He started dancing very late and was crazy fortunate to have brilliant teachers right from the beginning. That beginning has led to a 25-year professional career including dancing, teaching, choreography, and now, directing a ballet school. Paul started and ran a contemporary ballet company called The Moose Project in Pittsburgh for 5 years, and then founded The Chicago Ballet which has enjoyed a good, 5-year run. 


The founding President of the Logan Square Chamber of Arts/Hairpin Art Center board, Paul lives in the Portage Park neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side and is a devoted dog dad.


He likes Martha Graham’s quote: "The body says what words cannot" because he believes the most profound and deepest emotions can be best communicated through movement; words get in the way.


Board President

Melody Foley

Hairpin Arts Center Staff

Executive Director

Gretchen Henninger

Having worn many hats throughout the years, Gretchen serves as the LSCA’s president, executive director, and grants writer…

A founding member of the board of directors for the Logan Square Chamber of Arts / Hairpin Arts Center, Gretchen has served as the organization’s president, executive director, and grants writer as well. Her personal arts background includes music, visual arts, and interior design. But it should come as no surprise that one of her favorite art mediums is collage. She has worn many different hats throughout her career:

For almost 40 years, Gretchen worked in finance as an Institutional, Municipal Bond Specialist. Her last position was as a Senior Vice President at LaSalle Bank – ABN-AMRO. She also has significant experience in training and development, having worked in job search, coaching, leadership, personal development, divorce mediation, conflict resolution, restorative justice training, and peace and social justice activism.

From a nonprofit management perspective, Gretchen also served the Board of Ordained Ministry for the United Methodist Church and the Center for Religion & Psychotherapy. She was a founder of Logan Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace, and Executive Director of Intimate Opera.

Gretchen has always loved the arts. She studied music, drama, sociology, and psychology early on and, after buying her Logan Square home, received an associate degree in interior design from Harrington Institute of Interior Design. She went on to earn a bachelor of arts degree from DePaul University in Design and Activism. Her favorite quote comes from the Hairpin Arts Center narrative:

“We believe in the power of the arts to transform and create a stronger more engaged society. Art enhances the human experience, advances critical thinking and self-awareness. The arts are the foundation of who we are as a culture.”

Community Outreach & Engagement

Daniel Pogorzelski

Dan has dreamed of bringing both the building and the surrounding community back to the vitality…

A champion of multiple arts and long-time supporter of Hairpin Arts Center, Dan plays guitar, dabbles in the visual arts, and is a published author, writer, and editor. He has worked in state government for 6 years and is the former Executive Director for the Greater Avondale Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Dan has been a co-organizer of both music festivals and film events.


As a life-long Chicagoan, he remembers when the Hairpin Arts Center first opened to the public. The Hairpin building has special significance for Dan: the terra-cotta decor over the entry door were originally in the now demolished Senkowski Bakery where Dan’s mother first worked when she immigrated to the United States from Poland.

While he is new to the Board, Dan has dreamed of bringing both the building and the surrounding community back to the vitality he remembers from his childhood. This quote sums up Dan’s approach:


“You can’t beat death

But you can beat death in life, sometimes. 

And the more often you learn to do it,

The more light there will be.

- Charles Bukowski, The Laughing Heart


Lily Be

Lily has been a supporter of artists all over Chicago, from Beverly to the borders of Evanston, from the lakefront to O’Hare, attending literally thousands of…

Lily B is a Storyteller. Her art takes shape in a number of forms including live-literature, visual art, writing, acting, performing, and comedyA prolific creative, she has been involved in the arts since she was a teenager, when she opened and ran her own do-it-yourself art space in Tucson, AZ to support her young family. She also has worked as a caregiver and virtual event producer/tech engineer.


Lily has been a supporter of artists all over Chicago, from Beverly to the borders of Evanston, from the lakefront to O’Hare, attending literally thousands of shows and performances in support of our city’s people and causes. The Hairpin Arts Center, like the rest of Chicago, is a part of her spirit: in addition to being a member of the Board, she has performed here, taught here, laughed, cried, and fought here.


Lily lives by this quote: Do not allow perfection to be the enemy of progress. 

Multi-Arts and Youth Programming

Tracy Kostenbader

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