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Sudden Impact Series ~ Spring

The Spring sets have arrived!

AIRMW presents the Sudden Impact Series

Tatsu Aoki brings together a new series to facilitate new catalystic events, providing a substratum for Chicago’s musical artists to collaborate and bringing forth different musical experiments.

Friday, May 10, 2019, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Traditional Wave: Jaime Kempkers – Lori Ashikawa - toki

Friday, June 21, 2019, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Mal Suglmoto – Jason Roebke – Mars Williams – Tatsu Aoki

The Hairpin Arts Center hosts a four-day event celebrating the powerful impact of art and activism in a world torn by war and violence featuring visual and performance art, workshops, veteran storytelling, interactive art projects, and voices calling for action and resistance. June 6th through June 9th.

Endless WarThe event features My Lai Memorial Exhibit by Chicago Veterans for Peace which depicts the 1968 brutal massacre by U.S soldiers of more than 500 Vietnamese in their home village as a lens to confront the horror of war for those civilians caught on the other side of American firepower both in Vietnam and in our endless wars in the past 50 years, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

To counter the Pentagon and our political system’s constant stream of messages calling for aggressive militarism globally and in our own communities, the event also features “Posters of War and Resistance”. The art works powerfully expose to the trauma of war from the viewpoint of returning veterans and community activists, inspire resistance and speak for peace and social justice.

ENDLESS WAR invites us to face the painful impact of our political and military actions and become actively engaged in changing ourselves, our communities and our world to create a more tolerant, just and peaceful society that celebrates our common humanity and rejects violence and war.

The exhibit features the My Lai Memorial Exhibit (Chicago Veterans for Peace), War is Trauma and Inaugurating Resistance Portfolios (Iraq Veterans Against the War and Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative), Posters from the Chicago Peace Building Program (American Friends Service Committee), video installation (Aaron Hughes), personal sculptural collage building, a storybooth, calls to action, film screenings, and performative programming.


May 30, 2019 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Performing Identities On (& Off) the Page:
Queer Femme Artists of Color

Building on a conversation begun with last Fall's Applied Words: Performing Queerness On (& Off) the Page, this reading and performance panel brings together three Chicago-based queer femme artists of color working across writing and performance who use language, body, and voice to reconsider and confront the limitations and possibilities of identity in diverse ways.

Through three unique reading-performances and a moderated discussion, this evening will explore the performative possibilities of writing to both materialize and transform the experiences and identities of queer femme POC across a broad spectrum.

For more details:


Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 9 PM – 1 AM CDT
Frequinox Vol. 2 (Art + Music)
Hosted by Nomadic Breed and Hairpin Arts Center


We're back at Hairpin with another dope show for you guys! Come thru and support your local artists while you enjoy all the good vibes and interesting people! If you've been to a Nomadic Breed event before then you already know it's gonna be a banger! Tell a friend to tell a friend that Hairpin Arts Center in Logan Square is the place to be Saturday, May 25th! We're gonna have such a good time! **Artist + Vendor lineup will be posted soon** on our Facebook page


Come thru and be prepared to invest your money into people who put their very souls into their work! Support your local artists and help the community thrive! I mean, why not? The event is freeeeee! 😉

Screw Belles Updated

Friday, May 24, 2019 doors open at 7:30 – 10:00

This month at the Hairpin, kicking off our Fourth Fridays Series, we present:
The Screwbelles and Machete Mike
at 8:00pm:
The Screwbelles are throwing One Hella Wack 90's Blowout and YOU'RE INVITED!

Serving up some bomb-ass burlesque and variety featuring all your favorite 90's nostalgia featuring the bodacious talents of:

Fannie Applebottom
Alloy Ann
Shirley Blazen
Arcane Trixxxster
Fancy Fontina
Aurora Afterglow

Barb Wire
Colette Coquette & Nick Helden
Sheffield Belmont
Dilly Dally
Bettie Attitude
Bruce Vain
Chip Cornetto

And for our 10:30p set:

Machete Mike is going to deliver a solo show worthy of a band's time slot. A guitar player from Chicago best known for his busking in the Downtown Loop throwing literal shows in Subways and constantly in collaboration with many other artists from Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to rap, hip hop, blues and Jazz.

$15 at the door for both the entire evening of events.

Art Blender at Hairpin ArtsThe Amazing ART Blender

May 20, 2019
Welcome to the second installment of The Amazing Art Blender! An evening of incredible art in which artists have an opportunity to workshop their material in front of a live audience. Please help us grow, learn, and have a great time (did I mention there will be alcohol!?!?) Tickets are by donation via Venmo or cash. Big thanks to Hairpin Arts Center for sponsoring this event! If you'd like to learn more about us or perform in a future Blender, please contact us at


Saturday, May 18, 6:00 PM - Midnight

Echoes of Chicago encourages their community to unpack the divisive issues that Chicago faces. This is a self-reflective event for Chicagoans to take a moment and consider the things that divide us, why they divide us, and what can help us overcome them to improve Chicago. 100% of profits will benefit nonprofits that address issues that divide us: Chicago Community Bond Fund and Jane Addams Resource Corporation.

But don’t worry, it’s still a party: a celebration of community members willing to come together, rise above the reasons that divide us, and consider, unpack, and challenge them.

Sudden Impact Series ~ Spring

The Spring sets have arrived!

AIRMW presents the Sudden Impact Series

Tatsu Aoki brings together a new series to facilitate new catalystic events, providing a substratum for Chicago’s musical artists to collaborate and bringing forth different musical experiments.

Friday, May 10, 2019, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Traditional Wave: Jaime Kempkers – Lori Ashikawa - toki

Friday, June 21, 2019, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Mal Suglmoto – Jason Roebke – Mars Williams – Tatsu Aoki

The Webs Between Us

April 27 - May 5, 2019

This show addresses the strength and reliability that lies within groups or webs of people making connections. How these group connections allow for achievements beyond what one could accomplish.

SAIC Class Exhibition Gallery hours through May 1st.

The Stoop

Friday 4/26/19, 7:00-9:30 pm

The Stoop will be hosting an hour and a half open mic for anyone interested in dipping their toe in the storytelling waters.

More Details

Sudden Impact at Hairpin

March 22, 2019 from 7-9:00 pm Asian Improv aRts Midwest present Sudden Impact Jazz Series this month as part of our 4th Fridays. Welcome the artists. Greg Diethrich (drums) has been a performer and music educator for over 25 years, and holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology. He frequently performs, records, and teaches a range of musical styles including jazz, world music, rock, funk/soul, and Americana. Greg has lived and studied music in India and the Caribbean, and performs and teaches musics of Latin America, India, West Africa, and more. He has held visiting faculty positions at several colleges and universities and is a member of the percussion faculty at the Music Institute of Chicago. Greg has enjoyed playing jazz and improvised music with Jeff Chan for over 25 years.

Mai Sugimoto is a Japanese born saxophonist and composer living in Chicago, IL. In 2018, she released her debut quartet album, Born/Raised (Asian Improv Records) which was made possible by an artist grant from the city of Chicago. Sugimoto is also an integral member of Chicago-based quartet, Hanami, with which she has released two albums and performed at the Chicago Jazz Festival. In addition to these main projects, she often appears with bassist, Tatsu Aoki’s ensembles including Fred Anderson Legacy Band and Miyumi Project. Howard Reich of Chicago Tribune has described her as a "a compelling performer” with “dry-champagne tone and lyrical lines." Sugimoto channels inspiration from her Japanese and American musical roots into her writing and performing approach with various groups.

Jason Roebke is a Chicago bassist and composer. In addition to playing bass in several of Chicago’s most compelling jazz groups, he has composed music for his own Octet and small groups. His playing is intensely physical, audacious, and sparse. The Chicago Reader described his work as “a carefully orchestrated rummage through a hardware store.” He is a member of Jason Stein’s Locksmith Isidore, Mike Reed Flesh & Bone, and Tomeka Reid Quartet. Roebke studied privately with saxophonist and composer Roscoe Mitchell as well as legendary double bass pedagogue Stuart Sankey. In 2009, he was awarded the Fellowship in Music Composition from the Illinois Arts Council. Roebke tours widely in the US and Europe. He was the subject of an extensive interview and career overview in Point of Departure.

Spaces inside Spaces at Hairpin Arts

Spaces Inside Spaces: ~nois & U of C Composers

Friday, April 12, 2019 at 8:30 PM – 10 PM

~Nois saxophone quartet premieres new works by University of Chicago graduate composers and Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition post doc Tonia Ko.

free and open to the public

By creatively staging the multiple works throughout the Hairpin Arts Center gallery in the historic Morris B. Sachs building at Logan Square, the composers and musicians engage with physical space and architecture as a compositional parameter. Commissioned lighting design by Slick Jorgensen accentuates the space and sonic qualities of the music, both of which lead the audience through a continuously flowing, immersive aesthetic experience.

new music composed by:
Rodrigo Bussad
Jack Hughes
Tonia Ko
Gabriel Novak
Ted Moore
Austin Simonds
Yuting Tan

lighting design by: Slick Jorgensen

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The Story Collider at Hairpin Arts

The Story Collider: Predictably Unpredictable

April 6, 2019 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Join us on Saturday, April 6th for the debut of Story Collider in Chicago at Hairpin Arts Center in Logan Square for a night of personal stories about science told live on stage.

Doors open at 6:30 pm, show begins at 7:00 pm. Please arrive early for the best seats. Seating is not pre-assigned or guaranteed.

Tickets are $10

Hosted By Nakeysha Roberts Washington and Lily Be

More Info

Artpalooza at Hairpin Arts

Art-a-Palooza Festival

April 3, 2019 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Greenfields Academy art show at Hairpin Arts Center! Our young artists are each creating a unique masterpiece that reflects their interests and personality, along with their favorite type of art.
Join us on the evening of April 3, 6:30 – 8:00 pm for creature sculptures, anime drawings, ukulele performances, street graffiti, architectural sketches, gorgeous cakes, photography, and much, much more!

More info

How do we remember through music? - March 23, 2019 at Hairpin Arts Center

Memory through Music at Hairpin Arts

How do we remember through music? - March 23, 2019 at Hairpin Arts Center

How do we remember through music?

Two years ago, a group of Chicago musician/composers took on the challenge of creating music based on intimate memories from their lives. The resulting compositions have been stewing in an archive since then but will be on display, along with images and writings about these memories, at the Hairpin on March 23rd.

The event will include gallery viewing as well as live performances by participating artists: Ronnie Malley, Rashida Phillips, Ami Saraiya, 80 Foots (Chris Schoen, Emmy Bean, and T-Roy Martin), and Joey Spilberg.

Additional performers performing memory-inspired songs: Anna Soltys, as well as Jenny and Robin Bienemann!!!

Doors will open at 7PM for viewing/listening, followed by live performances starting at 8PM.

Cash bar
$10 suggested donation at the door

Don't Be Scurred 2-22-19

Don’t Be Scurred: Pathways to Liberation

Feb 22 at 6 PM – Mar 2 at 11 PM
At Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave, Fl 2nd, Chicago, Illinois 60618

In the show, “Don’t Be Scurred: Pathways to Liberation”, we reflect on intersectional political, communal, and spiritual issues facing people of the diaspora. “Don’t Be Scurred” is reflective of the past and present of African Diasporic history. “Pathways to Liberation” invokes Afro-futurist ideals to envision a better future for people of the African-Diaspora. We should fearlessly, reach towards possibility while celebrating our collective strength, creativity, and perseverance. This show aggregates the unique and inspiring voices of young Black/African-Diasporic artists, reflecting their current experiences, allowing them to vocalize their visions of the future.

Featured Artists Include:

Abdullah Quick
Chase Calloway
Darian Thomas
Darius Thomas
Deja Moton

Kristopher Wright
Eseosa Edebiri
Freddie Lambright
Landon Tate

Liz Gomez
Morgan Nicolette
Raelis Vasquez
Rod Sawyer

Zena Organista
Dio Aldridge
Anastasia Nesbeth
Daniel Overbey

Presenting Partners:

The Studio BlackSheep * Backyard Series * Wild Tongues * Petty Butter * Lewis Taylor Productions

Please Donate to our GoFundme! Thank You!!

Random Acts of Love 2-14-19

Random Acts of Love

Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 7 PM – 11 PM CST
At Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave, Fl 2nd, Chicago, Illinois 60618

This Valentines Day at the Hairpin, we are exploring & celebrating LOVE, in all its forms. What is the history of LOVE as an idea? What does LOVE mean to you? You love your lover, you love your mom, and you certainly love that sandwich shop down the street - so what is love? Is it a feeling? A way of being? Is it exclusively reserved for certain people in your life, or an inclusive phenomenon, meant to be shared amongst all? Why do people fall in love instead of leaping into love? Are our ideas of love healthy? Does who you are affect how you love?

We are asking these questions and more on this one-night-only Valentines Day extravaganza filled with visual and performing arts and immersive components.

Metamorphosis: Beethoven Birthday Bash
For the 248th anniversary of Beethoven’s birthday

Saturday, December 15th, 2pm to 1am
Hairpin Arts Center, 2810 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

Beethoven Birthday BashTo celebrate Beethoven's 248th birthday, the International Beethoven Project is very excited to present its 9th Annual Beethoven Birthday Bash with a multi-arts festival running from Friday, December 14th to Sunday, December 16th.

This year, the Beethoven Birthday Bash will explore the theme of Metamorphosis through a variety of beautiful and thought-provoking performances and works of art. This edition of IBP's Annual Beethoven Birthday Bash includes three exciting days of music, art, and merrymaking. Featured artists include classical, jazz and rock musicians along with theater and improv performers, dancers, visual artists and more, among which: Silent Theatre, John Sutton, George Lepauw, Ana Munteanu, Jeremiah Hunt Trio, Desueno Dance, Lindsay Brown Dance, Oona Tramps, Matt Griffo, Amos Gillespie Quartet, Faintlife, Antony and the Tramps, Silent Marvin, Sammy Tramp and Darling Violet, and Consuelo Lepauw.

In addition to IBP’s main events are several educational programs in Chicago Public Libraries as well as private events for IBP members and supporters.

The theme of Metamorphosis will bring us face to face with Beethoven's approach to challenges as well as with our own, asking us to look at the crises in our lives and in our world in order to learn and evolve.

Ludwig van Beethoven (Bonn 1770 - Vienna 1827) is known for changing the history of music, helping to birth the Romantic movement by emancipating the artist from his usual position as a servant to court and church, becoming a challenger to the status quo, moving society forward, and bringing forth a new consciousness.

This year’s Beethoven Birthday Bash, the 9th annual celebration of Beethoven’s birthday produced by IBP since 2010, is part of a ten year countdown to Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2020, for which IBP is planning several major events and media productions, some of which will be announced on December 16th.

Friday, December 14th, 7:30pm to 11:30pm
Chopin Theater, 1543 W Division Street, Chicago

Saturday, December 15th, 2pm to 1am
Hairpin Arts Center, 2810 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

Sunday, December 16th, 5:30pm to 9:30pm
Holy Trinity High School Auditorium
Grand Finale for Beethoven's day of birth!

General Admission Day Pass: $30
VIP Day Pass: $50
3 day General Admission Pass: $60
3 day VIP Pass: $100
Student Pass: $5 or free with social media share

For tickets, click here or visit or call 312.772.5821

Sudden Impact Series 11-24-12-14-18

November 24, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

$15.00 Suggested Donation

AIRMW presents the Sudden Impact Series
Tatsu Aoki brings together a new series to facilitate new catalystic events, providing a substratum for Chicago’s musical artists to collaborate and bringing forth different musical experiments.

Hairpin Arts Center, 2810 N. Milwaukee Ave.

#2 Nov. 24 Saturday 7p.m.

Lab Set one: Reduction Trio (Tatsu Aoki, Jaime Kempkers, Kioto Aoki)
The Reduction Trio
Tatsu Aoki originally conceived Reduction as a creative response to the popular taiko drumming stripped of its musical elements. Reduction argues for upholding the beauty in taiko performance and for its connectivity to aesthetics and musicality. The Reduction Trio is the musical extension of this philosophy, members from the current Miyumi Project: Tatsu Aoki, , Jamie Kempkers, and Kioto A. , synthesize and weave their vibe as the "Tradition and Diaspora" series continues.

Lab Set two: Suwan Choi/Jeff Chan Duet
Suwan Choi/Jeff Chan Duet
Chicago saxophonist/composer Jeff Chan and international pungmul (traditional Korean percussion) artist Suwan Choi are creating a duet language that is informed by musical practices that include jazz, new/creative music, improvisation and traditional Korean music. Since moving to Chicago in 2015, Suwan has held a key role in raising the profile of the Korean traditional performing arts as well as training a new generation of Korean Americans in this cultural form. He partners with Jeff Chan, who has been an active contributor to the Asian American artistic community and the broader musical landscape ince moving to Chicago in 2002.

Friday, December 14
7:00 – 9:00pm
Description: Second in our Jazz Series SUDDEN IMPACT -
Joshua Abrams is a composer, bassist, and improviser. Since the mid-1990s, Abrams has been a key figure in Chicago's creative music communities, touring internationally with artists across genres. In 2010, Abrams formed Natural Information Society (NIS), a group that intertwines composition and improvisation to create long-form psychedelic sonic environments. Abrams has scored numerous feature films, including The Trials of Muhammad Ali (2013), and several projects with award-winning director Steve James: the films Abacus: Small Enough To Jail (2017), Life Itself (2014), The Interrupters (2011); and the documentary series America To Me (2018). Abrams' has appeared on recordings by Fred Anderson, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, David Boykin, Hamid Drake, Nicole Mitchell, Roscoe Mitchell, Mike Reed, Matana Roberts, The Roots, and Town and Country. His performances include work with The Fred Anderson Trio, Sean Bergin, Ari Brown, Earle Brown, Peter Brötzmann, Rhys Chatham, Gerald Cleaver, Tony Conrad, Toumani Diabaté, Bill Dixon, Axel Dörner, Von Freeman, Charles Gayle, Jandek, Kidd Jordan, Oliver Lake, Joe McPhee, Joe Morris, Cooper Moore, Evan Parker, Jeff Parker, William Parker, Ballaké Sissoko, Damo Suzuki, Craig Taborn, Chad Taylor, and Kurt Vonnegut. Abrams is a recipient of the 2018 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists Award.

Tatsu Aoki Tokyo, is a leading advocate for the Asian American community, as well as a prolific composer and performer of traditional and experimental music forms, a filmmaker, and an educator. Born in 1958 into the Toyoakimoto artisan family, Aoki was part of his family's performance crew from the age of four. By the early 1970s, Aoki was active in Tokyo’s underground arts movement with experimental arts and music. In 1977, Aoki left Tokyo and is now one of the most in-demand performers of bass, shamisen, and taiko, contributing more than ninety recording projects and touring internationally during the last 35 years. Predominately noted in the 90's for being the long associated bassist for the late Chicago legend Fred Anderson, Aoki has sustained and intensified his endeavors which have resulted in awards from multiple cultural and musical organizations for his cross cultural collaborations. In the summer of 2016, his Miyumi Project ensemble was chosen as the official musical presenters for the unveiling of Yoko Ono's first permanent installation in North America, "SKYLANDING", in Chicago's own Jackson Park; which also resulted in the group recording the album "SKYLANDING", produced by Yoko Ono. Last year (2017), the group contributed their unique vibe to the soundtrack of the film documentary addressing the Japanese American Incarceration, "And Then They Came for Us", and released the corresponding album. This past May (2018), Aoki was honored as the first recipient of the “George Award”, for his years of support, recording, and performance with renowned American Jazz and soul guitarist George Freeman.

6 Week Storytelling Classes With Lily Be

Discover Your Story

Story Telling at Hairpin ArtsEveryone has a story to tell. EVERYONE. However, not everyone believes that they do. Not everyone is comfortable going to a opening themselves up to a group of strangers and sharing their most vulnerable and honest stories.

I'm Lily Be, I am a momma, a nanny, a carpenter and a storyteller.

My classes are not about teaching you how to perform your stories, I am teaching you how to find them, structure them in a way that helps you make sense of your experiences so that you are able to share them with others. Be it on stage or at work or in relationships. This class isn't about performing your story, it's about getting it to make sense to you and to those around you.

Storytelling saved my life. That is not hyperbole.

Each week, we will focus on two different prompts that I created to help bring out our most significant and sometime vulnerable stories.

We will give each other feedback and constructive criticism about our stories in hopes of finding more details or questions that may reveal even deeper meaning to our experiences.

Class size will be kept to 10 to insure that everyone gets a chance to develop one 7 - 10 minute story that they can opt to share on stage at the end of the session.

Story Telling ClassesWednesday, October 10th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Wednesday, October 17th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Wednesday, October 24th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Wednesday, October 31st, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Wednesday, November 7th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Wednesday, November 14th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


December 8, 2018

Hairpin Arts Thank You Dec 8 2018On December 8, 2018, from 6pm - 11pm, THANK YOU will explore the concepts of gift-giving and hand-crafting. We will use our own hands to create gifts. We will make treasure from trash and imbue lifeless materials with love. We will explore what it means to be a giver and a receiver. Each person will have the chance to exchange gifts with a stranger (what's a stranger anyway, but a friend not yet made?). We will eat together. We will explore gift-giving in the form of sharing stories and songs and random talents, for these are gifts too!

Local Chicago artisans will be selling their wares. If you are buying gifts this year, buy local! Support artists and craftspeople. If we don't support them, they will disappear, and Target & Friends will replace them all.

Please join us for an evening of merriment, hygge, and gift exchange! All are welcome. Come even if you know no one else going - you are invited!

6:00pm - 7:00pm: Happy Hour (free mulled wine during happy hour!)

6:00pm - 9:00pm: Gift-making; Dinner!

9:00pm: Stranger Gift Exchange!

9:15pm: Show & Tell! - Everyone is invited to participate in telling stories or jokes, sharing odd talents, playing songs; you can burp the alphabet, show us the gift you made, say a few words about the holidays; do a handstand, get everyone to pose for a picture; maybe your contribution will be to listen and witness everyone else; the list goes on!

There is a $1 - 20 sliding scale suggested donation to cover the cost of materials, although no one will be turned away. Please honor the honor system and pay what you can afford to contribute. Libations will be available. There will be food - if you help serve it, you eat for free!

Saturday November 17, 2018

Birthday Tamale Jam 11-17-18

We spent two days making tamales, and we have all of Lily Be's students sharing stories to help raise money for future events and programming at Hairpin Arts Center.

Ana Arrendondo
Nichole McClelland
Frank D'alessandro
Veronica Cervantes
Julie Hilvers
Sophia Monroy
Noe Castro
Dayna Bateman
Laura Carroll
Jilnar Monsour
Gretchen Henninger
Cinnamon Cooper

Hosted by Jenny DeLessio and The Birthday Gal - Lily Be

COME ON OUT AND SUPPORT truth and vulnerability and Chicagoans making sense of the world with their stories.

We have music by Dj Pipcraz and Osiris Kephera.

tickets are $10 at the door and cash bar.

Come to celebrate Lily's 40th birthday and support the artform that saved her life so that she could see this very monumental year in her life.

Thursday November 8, 2018

NEW-FNFVF-LOGOThe mission of First Nations Film and Video Festival is to advocate for and celebrate the works of Native Americans filmmakers and new works and films that break racial stereotypes and promotes awareness of Native American issues. All films screened are written and/or produced and directed by Native American artists from the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and Mexico.

7-9pm – THU 11/8 – The Other 51%!

Apache Kid, US Army Scout – Victoria Sutton – 0:39:51

TICHO – Adriana Ronquillo Vásquez – 0:17:22

Mino Bimaadiziwin: The Good Life – Sierra Karaszewski – 0:32:45

Pageant Perfect – Samantha McDanel – 0:12:22

Light – Sarah Hennigan – 0:14:55

Vintage and Mimosas

$5 Early bird ticket sales extended!

Have you invited your friends to join you for Vintage & Mimosas? A Sunday afternoon featuring vintage attire and accessories, fall looks and an intimate conversation with couture designer Verneccia Etienne. Yes, the same Verneccia from TLC's Hayley Ever After.

Get two tickets TODAY!

Looking for free tickets? Follow our Instagram page for details.

All ticket purchases and event purchases will help in our effort to rebuild lives and reduce recidivism. #ShopWithPurpose

Thank you Scene Chicago for your support!

Join us at the Hairpin for Saturday night Jazz! September 29
Asian Improv aRts presents - Sudden Impact Night
Asian Improv aRts Midwest

pinkl anaya quartet7pm: Acevedo/Bryerton/Chan/Suihkonen Quartet
Joe Suihkonen - trumpet
Jeff Chan - tenor saxophone, flute
Ausberto Acevedo - contrabass
Jerome Bryerton - drums and cymbals

8pm: Tabiji Quartet
Nick Anaya - tenor sax
Sam Frampton - electric guitar
Chris Dammann - bass
Jimmy Pinkl - drum set

What: Workshop Performance of "How to Get Fired" a new play by Kim Morris, directed by Errol McLendon.
Where: Hairpin Arts Center
When: Monday, September 24th at 7:00pm
Tickets: Donations Welcome

How to Get FiredYour New Hire Orientation Has Been Scheduled.

Welcome to Napkin Folders of America, America's preeminent professional association for the people and business that fold napkins. Recent changes in management mean one thing: opportunity! We're excited to show you the endless possibilities for your future as an employee here at Napkin Folders of America. We are most definitely not staging a coup.

Welcome aboard! Please join us for our first workshop presentation of "How To Get Fired" a new play by Kim Morris directed by Errol McLendon. This fun script will have you considering the best way to put in your two weeks notice. Bring a friend, a coworker, maybe your boss, and some cash to have a drink at the bar. See you Monday night!

A Place For Us at Hairpin Arts

A Place for Us, a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MFA Regional Group Exhibition, curated by Heather Darcy Bhandari.

Please join us for the opening of A Place for Us Exhibition Opening, Saturday August 4th from 6 pm to 8 pm. 7 Artists from the Art Graduate Student Organization (AGSO) currently enrolled un the MFA program within the School of Art + Design, will present an exhibition of broad ranging mediums.

The Exhibition is curated by Heather Darcy Bhandari, a well-known author of Art/Work: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career. Bhandari is also the Director of Exhibitions at Smack Mellon, a nonprofit exhibition and studio space program in Brooklyn, New York. She is also an independent curator, adjunct lecturer at Brown University, and a consultant to several for-profit and nonprofit arts institutions.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MFA Regional Exhibition: The Art Graduate Student Organization (AGSO) is a student organization of artists currently enrolled in the MFA program within the School of Art + Design. Collectively, the group throughout the year creates programming such as exhibitions, studio events, and various gatherings to foster community and engage the public. In efforts to promote our program and students, AGSO has developed a yearly Regional Visitor Curator Program.

CORRECTION! When we first published on our website we had Heather Darcy Bhandari as Katheryn Darcy Bhandari. Our apologies for the error! If you want to stop in to see the exhibition, please let us know.

Art Plus Community

Dear Friends,

The Hairpin Arts Center is opening its doors and inviting you to an evening of music, art and conversation on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 7 pm.

This invitation is to everyone - People from all walks of life and experiences are invited to consider becoming involved in all that we do at The Hairpin Arts Center. What talents do you have? What vision, resources and connections could you bring to the Hairpin? What do you love about the Hairpin Arts Center? What would you like to learn? What would you like to see happening at the Hairpin that is not currently happening? And what are you willing to contribute to make it happen?

If you are interested in finding out about Board or Committee participation, Volunteer opportunities, Programing input, Artistic Expression and Collaboration or just meeting your neighbors, please join us. If you are interested in exploring ways to support our work and programing through fundraising or membership, please join us. Learn about our vision of converging Art and Activism.

The possibilities are limited only by your creative imagination. Join us and help deepen the purpose, activities and support of this great facility.

Ana MunteanuThe evening’s schedule:
- Art Center Doors open @ 7pm
- Music of Ana Munteanu starts promptly @ 7:30pm
- Meet the Hairpin staff @ 8:15pm for questions, suggestions and possibilities
- Event ends @ 10pm

There will be snacks, beer, and wine, compliments of the Hairpin Arts Center.

With Sincere Gratitude and Excitement to See You in the Flesh,

Gretchen, Tonika & Gillian

Date: August 16, 2018
Time: 7 pm to 10:00 pm
Place: Hairpin Arts Center 2810 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd Fl

Tatsu AokiOne night only! Two renowned musicians come together for an evening of music. Suggested donation - pay what you can! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and hear 2 exceptional musicians.
This Sunday, at the Hairpin Arts Center. Concert is 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Tatsu Aoki is a leading advocate for the Asian American community, as well as a prolific composer and performer of traditional and experimental music forms, a filmmaker, and an educator. He was born in Tokyo in 1957 to Toyakimoto, an artisan family proficient in Okiya, the tradition of working as booking and training agents for geisha in downtown Tokyo. Starting at the age of four, Aoki was part of his family performance crew and received the essence of traditional Tokyo geisha cultural training and studies, which combine history with creativity. In the late 1960s, upon Tokyo’s economic and social decline, which forced many traditional family businesses to close, and his grandmother’s passing, he shifted his training to American pop and experimental music. By the early 1970s, Aoki was active in Tokyo’s underground arts movement as a member of Gintenkai, an experimental ensemble that combined traditional music and new Western forms. In the same period, he started his work in small-gauge and experimental films, influenced by his biological father, who was a movie producer at Shintoho Studio.

Flamenco Chicago Summer 2018

A City Divided

Saturday June 9, 2018 | 6 PM - 12 AM

Echoes of Chicago encourages their community to unpack the divisive issues that Chicago faces. This is a self-reflective event for Chicagoans to take a moment and consider the things that divide us, why they divide us, and what can help us overcome them to improve Chicago. 100% of profits will benefit Somos Logan Square and The Firehouse Community Arts Center with Chicago CRED.

But don’t worry, it’s still a party: a celebration of community members willing to come together, rise above the reasons that divide us, and consider, unpack, and challenge them.

A City Divided will include:

  • An Art Gallery featuring over 20 local artists
  • A marketplace featuring local Artisans, Nonprofits, and Businesses
  • Local Music Performances
  • Arts and Crafts tables at our Creative Corner
  • Beers and Spirits
  • A Themed Photo Booth
  • The Echoes Superhero, Windy, Performed by Grace DeSant
  • Stand-up Comedy by Keegan Buckingham
  • And more!

Chicago CRED
Their singular purpose is to achieve a transformative reduction in Chicago gun violence. They believe the best solution for ending gun violence is recruiting men most likely to be perpetrators or victims of shootings and transition them to jobs in the legal economy that pay as much or more than what they earn in the violence-plagued illegal economy.

The Firehouse Community Arts Center
The FCAC is changing the world through youth and young adults in the arts within a faith community. They believe the arts is a powerful tool and the “creative spark” for redemptive transformation.

Somos Logan Square
Somos Logan Square is a community organization of current and former residents of Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. They organize for affordable housing, and against evictions, rising rents and developments that are imposed without taking the community’s voice into account. They are opposed to the negative impacts of gentrification. They believe that housing is a human right, that everyone deserves a home, and that development should be driven by the community.

Master of Ceremony:
Jurisdiction Da Necessity

Live Music:
Rest You Sleeping Giant
Henry Geraghty
Amir Prince Yateem aka PSU the Hurt Hogon
Jade Brinae
Signal the Launch

Marketplace Vendors:
Art By Markas O
Artistic Kind
David B. Hall
Dead Poet Accessories
Kingston James & Co
The Regardless Collection

Check back here and at for updates!

Echoes of Chicago is a nonprofit whose mission is to create affordable, innovative arts and music events that promote Chicago culture and community while raising awareness and funds for local nonprofits.

We are entirely volunteer-run and donate 100% of each event’s profits to local nonprofits.

When a drop hits, it ripples...

To be invited to future Echoes events friend Echoes OfChicago and join our mailing list:


FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2018
7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Map and directionsArnold Schoenberg

For our final CLOSE ENCOUNTER, we invite you to paint or draw the spectacles that percolate within your mind as we play–with a little help from a professional artist, of course. We're beside ourselves to have Katherine Desjardins, on faculty at the University Of Chicago, as our painting instructor and inspirer for this event.
Schoenberg himself was a pretty exceptional painter, using self-portraiture as a way to unlock his own interior life, and with the aid of some...talent juice...we’re intrigued to see what emerges for you as you put brush to canvas–while we provide the musical inspiration.

-selections from-
Arnold Schoenberg – String Quartet No. 4
Elliott Carter – Fragments 1 & 2 for String Quartet
David Fulmer – A new Spektral commission

Tickets on line here

One day Event!! Saturday, May 19, 2018, 7 pm to 10 pm

Specks of EarthIn Specks of Earth, we have approached this exhibition with ideas of nature, organism, symbiosis and hierarchy in mind. It is our belief that, although humans have worked towards isolating ourselves from natural systems, we are inseparable from the cycles of growth, labor, and decay that exist in all organic forms of life. While human systems may seem complex and expertly designed, they pale in comparison to longstanding natural phenomena. One teaspoon of dirt alone holds millions of organisms– tiny unicellular structures that coordinate with the complexity of our largest cities. Through this lens, the exhibition is meant reflect the expansive intricacy that connects our constructed world with the unseen, organic systems that sustain life as we know it.

With both strange and traditional elements, installation and 2D artworks, Specks of Earth attempts to deconstruct the hierarchical view of nature that puts humanity at the top. It is not our objective to reduce the human experience to a teaspoon of dirt, but rather to draw parallels between the macro and micro in hopes of revealing something normally imperceptible. Pulling together a diverse body of work and a group of artists of many of identities and backgrounds, our mission is to distort the scale, multiply perspectives, and vex viewers into new, unfamiliar understandings. Playing on familiarity and discomfort, we work to expose the complexity of our environments big and small, physical and social, as well as answer the questions that are posed by such a task. Who and what make up an environment? How is a space defined by visibility/invisibility? Where does labor take place and whom does it benefit? Where are undetectable forces at play? How can we acknowledge, honor, and challenge such forces? In Specks of Earth we hope to ask and explore these difficult question and more.

Specks of Earth has been organized, curated, and produced by the Exploring Professional Social Practices class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with the generous assistance of instructor Jimmy Bulosan and the organizers of Hairpin Arts Center.

Featuring Artists:

Maya Cartland
Franka Del Santo
Sofia Diaz
Elle Erickson

Kathryn Sara
Grace Kang
Soyoung Lee
Pingyu Ma

Bean McGourty
Corrie Merrill
Aletta Ren

Josh Spelman-Hall
Martel Tinsleyw/ Stevie Stevens
Amy Wilson

Women in Focus Chronicle 12 Chicago Neighborhoods over 12 months

A comprehensive new exhibition of fine art photographs by members of the artist-initiated, non-profit group Women in Focus-Chicago (WIF) opens on Friday, April 13, 7:00 to 10:00 pm gala celebrating the city’s diversity. The show is the culmination of a year of work by WIF photographers who visited a different Chicago neighborhood each month, capturing thousands of images representing the people, sights, and culture of Bronzeville, Chinatown, Downtown, Historic Pullman, Hyde Park, Lincoln Park and the Lakefront, Logan Square, Pilsen, Rogers Park, Uptown, the West Loop, and Wicker Park. Curated by two well-known experts on both photography and Chicago neighborhoods, Richard Cahan and Charles Osgood, the Hairpin exhibition marks the debut of the full project. The full project includes 74 archival fine art prints, with 5-7 photographs representing each of the 12 neighborhoods.

Women in Focus-Chicago (WIF) 12 Neighborhoods

Women in Focus-Chicago (WIF) 12 Neighborhoods

The Hairpin exhibition marks the debut of the full project, following a preview exhibit at Café Sel Marie last summer and the inclusion of select works in Jackson Junge Gallery’s “In the ‘Hood” show over the 2017 holiday season. The full project includes 74 archival fine art prints, with 5-7 photographs representing each of the 12 neighborhoods.

Read Tribune article to learn more

Photographers: Susan Aurinko, Annette Nieves, Kristin Cass, Adeline Sides, Barbara Calabrese, Anne Evans, Wendy Love, Debbie Poulin, Kirsten Fenton, Elaine Coorens

Gallery Hours: Saturday, April 14, 2018 and Sunday, April 15, 2018 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.