Past Events 2020

June 14 - June 30 | LIP 20/20 Exhibit & Arts Festival
Open to the Public!
Hours TBA on social media

Life in Progress

LIP = Life in Progress | AnySquared Projects’ LIP20/20 Exhibit & Arts Festival showcases work that expresses definitions and/or critiques of progress that provokes, challenges, or illustrates.

Through all media and a series of events in March, artists represent or examine what is actual progress, what some consider progress, and what is not. LIP 20/20 seeks to answer and explore this concept with our work, our art, in our communities, and as human beings, both in the city and the world. #LIP2020

ProgressPerformance1500X375LongOnline - Tracy Kostenbader

LIP 20/20 Perfomance in Progress (Online)

June 7 and June 14 | Streaming 2 consecutive Sundays at 7pm

ARTISTS: B'Rael Ali Thunder | • Mars Caulton | • Jae Green | • Andy Meholick | • Kao Ra Zen | • Alex Wells Shapiro | • Stasa Wade |

AnySquared in cooperation with the Hairpin Arts Center presents 2 sets featuring some talented artists mixing mediums!

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March 10 7pm
Seeking Progress Within Our Food System

Seeking Progress

Workshop presented by Grow-Op Chicago's Glad Matt and Mah Nu

We navigate different ways to better advocate for and engage with our local food systems. Through group discussions and a short presentation we’ll learn about resources, new volunteer opportunities, and ways to build relationships with local farmers and fellow home growers.


Feb 15 4pm
Allstar Weekend All Style Fashion Fest 2020
All Style Fashion Fest A celebration of Fashion, Sports, Art, and Culture. All Style Fashion Fest 2020 is the biggest event of the year where we celebrate life through fashion, sports, fun, to be held February 15, 2020 in Chicago, IL. The All Style Fashion Fest 2020 will host international designers from around the world along with top fashion designers from the USA. This is a night everyone will remember. Are you ready for the fashion show of your lifetime?

February 13 7pm
Sudden Impact Series 2020 - Valentine's Day Edition

SuddenI mpact-2-13-20AIRMW presents:the Sudden Impact Series Valentine’s Day Edition!!

Together with the Hairpin Arts Center, Asian Improv aRts Midwest's Tatsu Aoki continues the Sudden Impact series in 2020 to facilitate new catalystic events, providing a heart shaped substratum for Chicago’s musical artists to collaborate, hug, and conduct musical kisses (and experiments); to collaborate and bring forth new musical happenings.

First Set : Mars Williams & Tatsu Aoki
Second Set : Tatsu Aoki & Mars Williams