From Script to Screen – Film Club

Age: 8-11 years old (Grades 3-5)
Location: Hairpin Arts Center (2810 N Milwaukee Ave) Class Schedule: 10 weeks from March 13th through May 15th
Time: Wednesdays 4:30p-6pm
Price: $200/child (discount for siblings and low-income)

A weekly young filmmakers' class with a focus on collaboration. The class will collaborate as a team to produce one short film during the 10 week course. Students will experience the process of developing an idea, writing a script, planning the film shoot, rehearsing, basic acting, shooting the film, and basic editing techniques.

SOFT CAGE FILMS | | 773-490-6180

Founded in 2012, Soft Cage Films is dedicated to engaging the public through the production and promotion of socially relevant films that use experimental techniques to challenge traditional notions of society and to explore psychological truths.

Soft Cage produces documentary and narrative films, holds community events, and engages in the education and mentoring of aspiring filmmakers.

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