About Us

The Logan Square Chamber of Arts

The Logan Square Chamber of Arts was established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit in 2009, formed as an organizing body to implement the Quality-of-Life-Plan arts strategies drafted through a community wide task force as part of the LISC/Chicago New Communities Program.  It is the first Chamber of Arts to be created in the city of Chicago, founded to establish sustainable partnerships with artists and arts organizations of various disciplines, and to assist in the production and presentation of their work by providing space, resources and time.

To empower, engage and transform our communities through great art!

The Hairpin Arts Center

In 2011, the Logan Square Chamber of Arts established the Hairpin Arts Center in the historic landmark Morris B. Sachs building, now known as the Hairpin Lofts. Sol Goldberg, a businessman who envisioned a strong and vital community in Logan Square, originally built the building in 1930. Goldberg made his fortune in the early 1900s by manufacturing and marketing hairpins. His “hairpin with the hump,” advertised to “lock the locks,” was a three pronged hairpin with the central third prong, shorter than the outer two, twisted and bent to provide a hump. It inspired the camel insignia on the Hump Hairpin Manufacturing Company’s logo and a recurring camel motif on the building’s facade and the lobby floor. Built as a mixed-use retail and office building, the Hump Hair Pin Manufacturing Company maintained their offices there along with other tenants until 1947 when the Morris B. Sachs Department Store moved in.

In more recent times, after years of neglect, the City of Chicago bought the building and put out a request for bids, choosing Brinshore Development to redevelop the space. Emphasis was placed on historic preservation, environmental sustainability, and neighborhood revitalization. The building has been skillfully and accurately restored. From the exterior façade to the interior where marble and terrazzo flooring were refinished and original design elements restored, the result is a LEED certified, eco-friendly, mixed-use development with affordable rental housing, ground floor retail, and the Hairpin Arts Center on the second floor serving as a cultural hub for the area.

The Hairpin Arts Center offers arts and cultural programming year-round. Proposals for programming are welcome for review by the Logan Square Chamber of Arts. The Hairpin is also available to rent for arts-related activities, performances and social events.